Monthly Archives: April 2019

Chamber music concert

16th July 2019

Maó (Menorca): Claustre de Sant Francesc

Tolo Mercadal and Oliver Casanovas, clarinets – Anabel Serrano, cello – Isabel Fèlix, piano

“A walk through the german Romanticism”: works by Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Bruch

XXXVIII Festival de Música de Maó


Concert with Joan Bosch

1st June 2019

Joan Bosch, traverso – Isabel Fèlix, fortepiano

“Ein Weissbier, bitte!”: works by C.P.E. Bach and W.A. Mozart

Festival Espurnes Barroques


Concert with Thomas Indermühle and Bruno Lucas

7th May 2019
Palma de Mallorca: Auditori del Conservatori, at 20:00

Thomas Indermühle and Bruno Lucas, oboes – Rosa Cañellas, cello – Isabel Fèlix, harpsichord

I Concert Season Professors of the Conservatori Superior: works by Couperin: “Les Nations”


Concert Oboe Festival Palma

5th April 2019

Palma de Mallorca: Centre de Cultura Sa Nostra, at 11:30

Thomas Indermühle and Dudu Carmel, oboes – Isabel Fèlix, harpsichord and piano

Oboe Festival Palma