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Isabel Fèlix a solo

Isabel Fèlix a solo

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PROGRAM “Complete works for solo piano by Margarida Orfila (1889-1970)” – piano
Melodia / Sonata / Primer temps d’una sonata / Scherzo Op.22 / Petites semblances Op.24 / Quatre estudis

PROGRAM “Sturm und drand” – fortepiano
J. Haydn: Sonata Hob. XVI in c minor / W.A. Mozart: Sonata KV 457 in c minor / L.v. Beethoven: Sonata nº 8 Op. 13 in c minor “Grande Sonate Pathetique”

PROGRAM “Haydn: from the harpsichord to the fortepiano” – harpsiochord and fortepiano
Partita in G Major, Hob. XVI: 6 / Sonata in F Major, Hob. XVI: 23 / Variations in f minor, Hob. XVII: 6 / Fantasy in C Major, Hob. XVII: 4

Photo Daria Petrillo
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Laura Gaya, violin – Isabel Fèlix, piano

Laura Gaya, violin – Isabel Fèlix, piano

“Barcelona Belle Époque”

Isabel Fèlix and Laura Gaya start working together in late 2013 and in 2015 they present their first album “Barcelona Belle Époque” (Solfa Recordings, 2015) with the complete works for violin and piano by four composers from the Barcelona of the beginning of the 20th century, known as the noucentista generation: Joan Massià, Margarida Orfila, Manuel Blancafort and Frederic Mompou.

Photos Daria Petrillo

PROGRAMA “Barcelona Belle Époque” – violin and piano
M. Orfila: Frisança, Barcarola and Scherzando / M. Blancafort: Romança de saló, Per l’Helena and Pastorel·la / Joan Massià: Intrata, Rigaudon, Amoroso and Allegro spiritoso / F. Mompou: Altitud, Jeunes filles au jardin, Elegia, Cançó i dansa nº1, Cançó i dansa nº6 and Cançó i dansa nº7

Photo May-Zircus
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L’OBAC Ensemble

L’OBAC Ensemble

Joan Estellés, clarinet – José Mor, cello – Isabel Fèlix, piano

The members of L’OBAC Ensemble are all musicians from OBC and the Banda Municipal de Barcelona, both of which are resident at L’Auditori de Barcelona. They are experienced musicians as soloists as well as in orchestras and in chamber music groups, and they share a common concern to offer the public a complete musical experience in which they can showcase their individual talent and the synergy created by the group as a whole. The ensemble is variable and flexible, always depending on the repertoire to be performed, enhanced with the collaboration of internationally renowned soloists… a unique musical experience.

In collaboration with Isabel Fèlix they present a small format with the clarinetist Joan Estellés and the cellist José Mor.

PROGRAM “French Romance” – clarinet, cello and piano
C. Saint-Saëns: Sonata for clarinet and piano Op. 167 / C. Debussy: Sonata for cello and piano / V. D’Indy: Trio for clarinet, cello and piano Op. 29

Photo Juan Carlos Bracho
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Ensemble Gaudí

Ensemble Gaudí

Sofía Martínez Villar, flute – Joan Fèlix, viola – Isabel Fèlix, piano

The experience of their members, the prestige of their career and the recognition of critics and audiences alike make up the architecture of Ensemble Gaudí. The programs, marked by contrasts and demanding technique, include works that, though little known among general audiences, are of undeniable quality. The Ensemble is flexible from duet to quintet depending on the repertoire to be performed, but the main formation is integrated by the flutist Sofía Martínez Villar, the violist Joan Fèlix and the pianist Isabel Fèlix.
Commited to the contemporary music, they premiered “Goyescas” (2009) by Elisenda Fábregas -dedicated to Ensemble Gaudí- and the cycle “Nous Autres” (2012) by Màrio Ros Vidal.

“Grata sorpresa encontrar unos intérpretes tan buenos que se unen en un grupo camerístico para abordar áreas poco transitadas. Buena presentación de este Ensemble Gaudí, que ha abierto el joven ciclo de Sitges con Martinu, Brotons y Fábregas, muy buena música, pero sin concesiones. Dos piezas del checo Bohuslav Martinu (1890-1959): Trío para flauta, viola y piano, y Sonata para flauta y piano, en la que fue posible oír el buen sonido y sensibilidad de Sofía Martínez. En la Sonata op. 28 para viola y piano de Salvador Brotons (1959) la escritura de la viola permitió valorar la estupenda técnica y buen sonido de Joan Fèlix, con una parte de piano virtuosa en ritmo y expresión. Su hermana, la pianista Isabel Fèlix, fue la base sustancial del programa, con un trabajo equilibrado y sensible, que culminó con una novedad de Elisenda Fábregas (1955): Goyescas, para flauta, viola y piano, con componentes de sutil […]

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Joan Fèlix, viola – Isabel Fèlix, piano

Joan Fèlix, viola – Isabel Fèlix, piano

PROGRAMA “Delicatessen para viola y piano” – viola y piano
N. Rota: Intermezzo / R. Clarke: Morpheus / H. Vieuxtemps: Elegie Op.30/ E. Bloch: Rapsodie de la “Suite Hébraïque” / Y. Bowen: Phantasy Op.54 / A. Piazzolla: Le Grand Tango

PROGRAMA “Tres grandes sonatas para viola y piano” – viola y piano
R. Clarke: Sonata para viola y piano / S. Brotons: Sonata para viola y piano / D. Shostakovich: Sonata para viola y piano Op. 147

Foto Josep Saguer
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Xisco Aguiló, double bass & Isabel Fèlix, piano

Xisco Aguiló, double bass & Isabel Fèlix, piano


The duo formed by the Mallorcan double bass player Xisco Aguiló and the Menorcan pianist Isabel Fèlix was born in 2017 from the great musical harmony between these experienced performers, who had known each other many years before and had coincided in different musical projects in other groups. They began to work with two main objectives: on the one hand, to explore the original repertoire for double bass and piano, little interpreted habitually and highlighting the expressive and virtuous side of the double bass. In this area, the duo plans to record soon the great sonatas of the twentieth century, from authors such as Hindemith, Montag or Misek. And on the other hand, the innovative goal of experimenting, as they did in their first CD “L’âme évaporée”: a selection of French songs from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, from composers such as Debussy, Fauré, Chausson, Hahn, Duparc and Szulc, originals for voice and piano and arranged for double bass and piano by Xisco Aguiló and Isabel Fèlix. In this album the double bass shows its most melodic side, offering a new version of this beautiful repertoire, which stands out to include refined, inspired and extraordinarily beautiful piano parts. Both artists develop a prestigious career in projects ranging from ancient to contemporary music, as soloists, in chamber groups and orchestras. They coincide developing their teaching task at the Conservatori Superior de Música de les Illes Balears.

Photos by Josep Saguer

PROGRAM “L’âme évaporée”
Henri DUPARC (1848-1933): Soupir / Élegie / Chanson triste / L’invitation au voyage
Joseph SZULC (1875-1956): Clair de lune
Ernest CHAUSSON (1855-1899): Le colibri / Hébé / Le Charme / Les heures
Reynaldo HAHN (1874-1947): À Chloris
Claude DEBUSSY (1862-1918): L’âme évaporée / Beau soir […]